Friday, August 1, 2014

The Ring of Iya

Ryen (Iya) quit a note wondering easily might make her a ring togo together with her prom gown, and named me 5 nights before. Incorporating: "but when you-can't, that is ok too..." Yes, right! Like I will not make my step daughter a ring for this type of special day! Pfff! What-ACTUALLY!!!! LOL!

I begin with the concerns as worthwhile custom might do:
Q: have you got something specific in your mind?
A: No. Properly, I do not need a choker...
Me: Okay. Think about shades? (I have not seen teh outfit however...)
Her: inexperienced and Well, Dark.
Me: Okay. Therefore also you and inexperienced, and dark do not need a choker.
I go to deliver her a variety of pictures of bracelets I've in my own "Research" records below, and he or she resolved on the beautiful style that is netted. I did not want to buy to become to "Outrageous", though it WAS her prom, but she stated she liked the look. Nonetheless, I DID SO employ some creative license, and changed it to 'size', as she's about the Small aspect. So here it's:
My very own style, centered on an infinitely more sophisticated "Nefertiti Collar" I Have completed previously (I enjoy these collars, but where could I put them on, except at my Belly Dancing recitals?...)
She stated and so Iam assuming she did she liked it... I can not wait to determine it using the gown on, they ought to look awesome together.


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