Tuesday, November 5, 2013

San Diego Class

In preparation for my courses at the SD Society after this month, I reillustrated the majority of the Tila Garden Pendant design to represent my latest illustration style. I believe it is simpler to comprehend, though I am likely to see how well it works within the course before upgrading the variant on my site.

DNA stanges design Pendants for stangescompement braceless compement earrings Yet another Rizo-Bead Substitution

Yep, though again, I replaced the fringe drops for rizo beads, that is turning into a recurring motif on my own bead tray today; I formerly exchanged other beads for rizo beads in my own Tila Droplet, Double-bubble Jacks, and Sparkling Compass designs.

"Burst" Variations

Plus I am loving the colours!  What do you really believe?

The exact same burst effect could be reached with Swarovski briolette pendant crystals, as seen within this pendant a year ago which I wove:

More Matching Earrings

Continuing with my aim of designing matching earrings for my pendants, I compiled a pair to fit this pendant also. It really took a quite big design-theory-paradigmshift on my part to develop this earring design, even though the outcome seems so much like the blooms to the pendant. They are fast to weave together also.

The course that I am teaching at the North Park Bead Society will occur on April 21 starting at 10 AM.  I am also teaching this job at Bead & Button, and there is still space

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